77 2C question
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Thread: 77 2C question

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    77 2C question

    I recently bought a "restored" 77 Benelli 2c. Very nice cosmetics, paint, wheels ect.... The bike was fitted with a powerdynamo ignition and converted to 12v.
    I'm not sure why the drum brake, I thought a 77 would be disk..... but hey, I like the drum better for looks. Also, the double sided adjusters are on the rear, so thats good.

    So I start to look it over to get it running for spring. The battery was very very dead, so I fitted a new one. There was also a battery tender lead, so I installed that as well. All was good until the tender plug bumped the shock and I saw a spark. WTF???? the bare pin is on the NEG side, no?

    Turns out, the bike is wired POSITIVE EARTH! I've had plenty of brit bike, so that doesn't scare me, it just shocks me that a US shop wired it up this way. I would have assumed NEG earth hadn't the spark happened!

    What possibly could be the advantage of doing this? BTW: checked all the lights and horn, all is working fine. Anyone else have this set up?
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    Power dynomo

    The power dynomo set us is for negative earth system and is a very simple system, contact them and they will send you the install info.
    Check the ignition key switch I would guess that the original installer got confused there and found that positive earth system was the only way to make it work.
    Speak to a local Auto electrician if the switch confuses you but basically ignore the Benelli wiring diagram and just use it as a simple one way switch when you reterminate and all should be fine.


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