I used to be in the UK Monster Owners club and as I am still registered recently received this email:

We are holding a UK Monster trackday at Mallory Park on Friday 1st July.
> At £115 for the day, you can get free tuition from No Limits and free
> suspension setup by Ducati Wolverhampton.
> http://www.ukmonster.co.uk/monster/s...ad.php?t=39813
> We are still very low on numbers with only month to go before the
> event. I had expected greater interest from our 1200+ recently active
> Whilst it is possible to open the day up to other models or even other
> marques, it would be great if we could run the event as it was
> conceived... Monster only!
> As you know we are a free club, with very little funding, so if you
> would like to attend please get in touch (details on the link above)
> so I won't have to sell my kidneys when final payment is due a couple of
weeks time.
> We are also preparing a list of non-Monster owners who are interested,
> in case we do need to open the event up to others.

So I replied as follows

I have done two or three of these monster events in the past and am remember
only too well the problems getting numbers.

Would you like me to approach Benelli owners club - I am a TNT owner now.
Let me know if I can help. Understand if not wanted but happy to help.

and the reply was.....

Hi Keith,

Not sure if you mentioned this to the Benelli OC yet?
We still have spaces to fill, so if any Benelli owners would like to come
and play, please put the word out.
As mentioned before the groups maybe best thought of as:
Novice/Inter &
As with previous UKMOC days, we hope it won't be a headbangers' day
Please tell anyone interested to mention Benelli Owners Club when booking.


It's not a brain out performance orientated track day but you can still motor on and show these S4s what an extra cylinder can do for you!. In my experience it is a great relaxed track day, and a lot of fun. Lots of track time (barring incident) and good instruction. The free suspension set up is a bonus.

So I'm trying to help some old acquaintances out by saving the track day and keeping the cost down.

I will leave it to you to decide whether to want to give it ago - I realise some of you will be going a week and a half later, but hey, the offer is there.

Copy and paste the link highlighted in blue above if you fancy it, I believe there is a form to fill in and a cheque to post.