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Thread: My Gears

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    My Gears

    I know it’s difficult when you haven’t looked at the bike but last week I partially dropped my didn’t hit the floor but It fell towards me and fell on me...if the 12 on a clock is upright, I dropped it towards me at about the angle of the 10 on a clock, so not very far. And the gear shifter lever (foot) doesn’t look out of place or bent and didn’t seem to have hit the floor when it dropped....but I went to ride on it today and I can put the bike in 1st or 2nd gear, but it won’t go into any other gear.....from the limited info I’ve given, does anybody have any ideas on what could be wrong...

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    Has it slipped on the splines of the output shaft?


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    Sounds like a selector is slightly bent . That or a return spring has been dislodged.
    I've tipped a few bikes in my time too some my fault some to failing stands and I must admit I've never goofed a gearbox that way so hopefully yours isn't either .

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    I think that the partial drop is just a coincidence. I reckon you have either of two problems. The selector pin has dislodged, so that the return spring can't do its job, or the return spring is broken. The latter happened to me, and it was rather obvious when it happened, because the lever had more movement than normal, and sat lower. I was able to continue by manually moving the lever back to the "cocked" position with my toe, since the spring was unable to do it. I made another one out of an old bed spring to keep things running while I waited for the replacement part. It wasn't pretty but it worked.
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