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Thread: EFI versus Carb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onefoot View Post
    I´m pleased to hear that my idea does not sound completely impossible on first glance, I would prefer to ditch the ECU completely so that the timing was under my control as well.
    In that case you will have to replace the ECU with some other ECU as there is no other way to control ignition timing. It's also possible that other things such as the tachometer rely on the original ECU.

    As far as I know these Benelli singles use the Delphi MT05 small engine ECU which is extremely common in a wide range of Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean 1 or 2 cylinder bikes and ATVs. Documentation for this ECU is easily available via a Google search and someone has written a full featured scan tool for it. Sorting out the fueling on the injection system is likely to be simpler and all round better than a carb conversion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onefoot View Post
    It seems that the Imperiale has a general problem with a sudden surge when the throttle is opened, and another when it is closed. On a wet road it could be sufficient to initiate a slide.
    Have a look at this - - It may be a very easy fix.
    The idle speed being set electronically at 1500rpm is far to fast and cannot be altered by the inoperative adjuster, which indicates to me that they could not get the engine to run any slower on EFI.

    The idle speed is fixed in the map. Again, an easy fix with TuneECU.
    One thing to watch out for though, is to make sure that the butterflies seal off perfectly. If not, the IACV won't have full control over the idle revs.
    hooroo, Errol www.engenia.com.au [139,200 km - and counting .....]

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikerj View Post
    In that case you will have to replace the ECU with some other ECU as there is no other way to control ignition timing.
    There are plenty of ways to control ignition timing. All you need is a crank position sensor and some kind of switching device. In the old days they used points, these days we have the luxury of electronic triggers.

    As I mentioned earlier, Ignitech makes a nice little electronic ignition controller. https://www.ignitech.cz/en/ It's not an ECU, it's just an ignition system.

    I'd suggest their TCIP4 unit. It just needs an input from a crank sensor. The sensor can be a variable reluctance or Hall effect device. I'm not sure what type of crank sensor is on the Imperiale. That would need to be confirmed.
    The Ignitech unit also has a programmable output to drive a tachometer (you can specify the number of pulses per crank revolution).

    There are heaps of other aftermarket ignition controllers on the market, some of them probably have a tachometer output, but none (that I'm aware of) have the versatility of Ignitech.

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    Many thanks to all for the wealth of information and ideas.
    Obviously it would not be a simple job, (for me) though there are people on the mountain with the IT skills to help if I went ahead.
    To do it within the guarantee period of two years would be unwise, and after that the law might not approve, so I will see how much help the dealer can provide in lowering the tick--over electronically, and how much I adapt to the bike. If the condition is general there will likely be some action to fix it.
    Thanks again to all who helped haul me along the learning curve, my next challenge is to see if the bike will start after several hours of biblical downpour.
    The garden will be mightily relieved to see the rain arrive at last, and I shall mark the occasion with eggs and bacon.

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