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Thread: Walbro general tuning

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    I live a long way from a dyno tuner, so I worked on my TreK myself using TuneECU. I discovered two causes of cranky behaviour. 1/. Erratic output from a faulty TPS (see first attached chart). I replaced it and reworked the map. The bike ran well for a year and 20-odd thousand km before the TPS became erratic again at the lower end. I now run a Variohm Hall Effect TPS and the bike performs beautifully. 2/. Auto adaption changes trying to correct for an unsuitable map. I reworked the lower end of my fuel map based on the TuneECU data logs. I adjusted it to achieve O2 feedback of 1.0 from 110km/hr cruise down. The base map I used came from a bike that had been dyno tuned and the higher end seems OK. On the odd occasion I give it a thrashing I see O2 sensor feedback of 0.85V. That corresponds to an AFR of about 12.5, correct for maximum power. It took me many iterations before I was satisfied. I do not recommend this tuning method. A dyno tune would have been a lot less messing about. Riding at Australian legal speeds I now routinely get 300-odd km per tank. The chart shows the fills over the last couple of years. I have excluded those records with notations showing the bike had a fault (like the TPS setting lost by a starting attempt with a flat battery) or had been running on the stand for an adaption reset. The difference between my power and economy maps is only the ignition timing. I don't bother with the "Economy" map because while the throttle response is noticeably softer it uses a bit more fuel.
    Walbro general tuning-tps-static-test.jpgWalbro general tuning-chart-litres-vs-distance-sanitised.jpg
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