Not Nice !!!!!
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Thread: Not Nice !!!!!

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    Not Nice !!!!!

    This must make you think twice about riding like a T**T

    Just sorry for the innocent guy coming up the hill ... was it him who was killed ?????????????

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    Benelli Wannabe ! ROBFM's Avatar
    Rob Fitzmaurice™
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    I do think we need to be reminded how dangerous it can be out there from time to time, whether it's your own fault or not, it can happen to us all, the video is a prime example, as much as it hurts to watch it, it does hit home, so thanks for the reminder.

    (Mind you on a lighter note, I doubt my new twin potter Thruxton will ever get ridden anything like that bad)

    Remember, Always look on the bright side of life, and be careful out there guys....... and gals.

    Cheers Speedyone for sharing that with us.


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    Errol Kowald
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    Bloody idiot just had to pass that car & ruin the rest of the ride for himself and a bunch of others. Not to mention the poor bloke coming the other way.
    Pity the dip-stick's brain wasn't in gear.
    Probably is now.

    (Fairly busy road. Personally, I wouldn't bother with it. Are there any lonely roads over there?)
    hooroo, Errol [139,200 km - and counting .....]

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    David Perkins
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    Guessing this is Austria as reconigise the colour of the helicopter

    There is a huge bike culture here (I am in Austria on my bike) and at the weekend you see literally hundreds of bikes. Near the German borders they are ridden slowly, but when you get to South East Austria there are a lot of serious riders.

    Just this Sunday I reckon I saw 4 or 5 guys, knee down around blind bends. When did yo ulast see that in the UK. The roads are serious out here and brilliant at the same time, luckly they are usually quiet.

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    I think that was in Chech Rep. The texts in some clips were certainly not in German. They were in some more Eastern language, and that very same piece of video has been circulating these online forums for about a year or more, along with a varying styles of commentary. Fortunately this one has remained more or less civilized, so far.

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    Ian Cordes
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    The U.K. roads are just too busy; and if you do find a quiet one, watch out for the diesel spill, just as you are committed .
    And then there is Brunstrom, with his horsebox speed camera vans; he will probably start using stingers next,to slow down speeding bikers .......


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