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Thread: Exhausts

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    Neil Hossack
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    Good day all,

    This is my first post on this board and it will be a lame one. I recently found a Benelli Quattro 500 in reasonably good shape, but it is lacking mufflers. A previous owner cut them off the head pipes under the motor, so slip-on mufflers might also no longer work either. It seems these exhausts are nearly extinct - anyone have a used, battersed set that they might be willing to part with?
    The bike turns over, and is only missing the aforemetioned mufflers and the airbox.

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    Superb, good to see someone take on a challenge, get some photo's posted,

    And welcome

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    Hi Titanneil,
    I'm in the uk so that's a bit rubbish but I have a part set of NOS original seamed pipes. They are available new from Benelliparts and Benelli Bauer in Germany. There are a few companies that do nice unseamed replicas. See the suppliers list. Wolfgang Hearter of Columbia Car and Cycle may be able to bring you some back from Europe. The top RHS pipe is available on ebay.it right now for 40EU which is a bargain! Most people prefer the look of the unseamed pipes fitted to the 500LS but for me, the shear eccentricity of the rubber link tubes fitted at the ends of the std set is a must.
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