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Thread: Benelli 125 Enduro

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    Benelli 125 Enduro

    Does anybody have any ideas on removing the cog on the end on the end of the crankshaft ?.
    The cog is fitted on a taper on the end of the crank and secured with a nut i have tried the following with no success.

    1] a puller on the crank this has now mushroomed the end of the crank !
    2] I have tried striking the puller to jar the cog off.
    3] I also tried a little heat on the cog to see if that helps.
    4] have put the engine in deep freeze and tried heat on the cog with the puller.

    This cog seems to have welded itself to the crank i do have another crankshaft so it does not matter if i damage the existing crank but i do need the cog.

    Any help and suggestions welcome i just want to fix the bike.


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    From what you are telling us it does sound as if the woodruff key has either burred itself in place or the cog has cut into the key and jammed the keyway .I have had this happen on many villers motors over the years .I normally use a fork like item (ball joint splitter) under the cog and gently heat the cog up and then apply some force to the end of the shaft with a copper mallet as to minimise any damage .The other option is to use a combination of puller and force and heat . The other option i have used is to make a support for the item on a bench press and push the crank from the cog .


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