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    250 2c

    Don't normally delve into the Benelli underworld of classics but...
    Seen a 250 2C two stoke. The seller wants £1800 is this reasonble for a 1972 model in mint condition, no MOT as it's been sat but it is a runner....

    “No, no, no.
    There's no such thing as cheap and cheerful. It's cheap and nasty & expensive and cheerful.”

    Jeremy Clarkson

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    I have seen them go for much more Klink but £1800 would probably be stretching it for me, even for a minter. I paid sub £1000 for mine. The only issues were a leaky fork seal; the tank was rusted to beggary inside and a bit shabby outside. If you can hold on or unless the vendor would take an offer, I'd wait for another to come along (but that's just me).

    You could always spend the extra £800 pounds you'd be paying by having a nice holiday in Italy and picking up this one, with spares:

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    I think 1800 is too much. The early bikes are a bit slower with smaller carbs and iron barrels not that you'll notice. For that money the bike should be up and running with all good chrome. A complete one sold a couple of years ago for £350 "in need of a little attention" and a mint show bike at Stafford for £1450. The one thing I'd say is that it'll cost as much to do up a 2C as some of the bigger bikes so it may be worth buying something already done. My father bought a rough, running low miler earlier this year and I've got to admit I'm hiding the total cost of resto from him.

    Check list early bikes:
    Brake lining corrosion
    Indicators if fitted (Aprilia or Alloy CEV)
    Switch gear
    Tank badges
    Fuel taps (Square with see through bowl)
    Seat (ugly)
    Wheel rims (poor quality chromed steel valenced)
    Control levers (Tommaselli steel with gear like black adjusters)
    Footrests (Round rear pegs)
    Rear light (tea cup shape)

    This one is a good example

    The earliest one may be easier to restore than the later ones. The switchgear is available new for about 50 quid rather than the Aprilia stuff which costs upwards of 300 quid a set now if you can find it. They mostly didn't have indicators and the iron barrels can be rebored. The Marzo forks even have serviceable dampers.

    If you're interested in a 125 there's a nice one at Pembrookshire classic bikes for £750
    125 2c here
    You my be able to slot a 250 engine in there and there's been one for sale in the club mag for a while.
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    I'd like to find a reasonably priced 2C or a 125 Jarno in the US. A mint 300 mile 2C just ending on ebay. $3100 and the reserve was NOT met. sheesh.


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