I just saved an old Benelli from certain death in a scrapyard the other day, and I admit I know very little about these, but I've been looking online and these old bikes have won me over!! I'm so glad I grabbed this thing, and the speedo says under 1500 miles! The tank is dented almost in half. Anyway, my question is...how does one tell what year and model? It has the egg motor missing the head, but the head bolts are coming out horizontally instead of at an upward angle like most I see online. Though the motabi 250 looks like it has the horizontal motor/head. I also found stamped inside the motor casings..Motabi 3605 and Motabi 3606, but the bike has old Benelli stickers on the tank and side covers that look original to the bike. It has 18" wheels. Any help would be appreciated!!!!