Hi all
I am Dave and I live in the (not so sunny right now) Isle of Man.
I have joined up for some help please.

I have been helping a colleague from my work move house, she had a 1986 (I think she said it was) 654 Sport tucked away at the back of her garage covered in about an inch worth of dust. She said it has not been used for around 6 years. I offered to store it in my garage as her new place does not have any space for the bike.

Anyway, I got the bike back to my garage and needless to say the bike is totally dead. The battery on the bike does not even register on the optimate I use for my own bike. I have a spare battery which I have connected to the optimate and plan to use it to try see if there is any life in the old Benelli.

Is there anything in particular I should be double checking or being wary of on this old girl?
Is there a downloadable workshop manual somewhere on the net for it?

Any help or advice you can give me to breath some life into the old girl would be much appreciated and it will make a nice surprise for my colleague when she comes to collect the bike. I have already cleaned all the dust off and she doesnt scrub up too bad for an old thing, the bike not my colleague