Ride report: 900 Sei
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Thread: Ride report: 900 Sei

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    Ride report: 900 Sei

    Well, I replaced the dodgy ignition switch, straightened out the carb problem, and put a new set of BT45s on her, so it was time for a nice shakedown run of about 200 miles on some great East Tennesse back roads.

    First of all, let me say that I had a very nice time on the Sei. She handles quite well; some 85mph sweepers induced no weaves or wobbles and keeping up with a new Bmw 1200GS was not a problem. I was surprised at the comfort level after several hours of flogging. Only towards the end of the ride did my butt start to burn. I've been on much worse.

    My friends informed me that she does smoke a bit, mainly after a spell of deceleration so I suspect valve guides or seals. The mileage is around 11,500 miles Is this a common problem? I have noticed a lot of smoky Seis on Youtube videos. Oil dribbles out of the alternator area and makes shifting dodgy with oil all over my boot and shifter. I suspect the crankshaft seal. If I leave it on the side stand it leaves a few drops on the floor.

    Any ideas are appreciated,


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    Hi there it is probably the valve oil stem seals the engine runs very hot and cooks the seals till they are rock hard. If you replace them i would think about fitting an oil cooler [ any Honda cb 750, 500 sohc will fit]. In England although the weather is probably cooler many of us have fitted oil coolers it helps steady the tick over aswell.
    The oil leaks you desrcibe sound similar to ones i have fixed on my own 900 sei. i have replaced the sprocket.gear leaver,neutral switch oil seal with Viton seals these work to a higher temperature than the origional seals. I have also replaced the O rings on the oil pump and pressure release valve, this has stopped the drips of oil.
    The roads sound good where you are ! our roads are very crowded these days Scotland is the last frontier for clear roads.
    Hope this helps

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    Nice write up & good to see your enjoying it too,

    I bet it sounds sweet too

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    Fix whats broke and an oil cooler never hurts in this part of the world. Cool to hear it keeps up in the twisties. Makes me want one even more.


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