How to determine year of motobi?
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Thread: How to determine year of motobi?

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    How to determine year of motobi?

    I've got an old benelli/motobi that I am assuming is from the 1960's. It is an egg motor 200cc that says motobi inside the engine covers, but it has benelli on the tank. From my limited research it seems like a Sprite, but not exactly sure. Does anyone know how I could determine what year it is? Thanks!
    Also...does anyone know a reputable mechanic in the states who works on these motors?
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    Got any pictures please?


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    Yes, please give us a picture or two and you'll receive accurate answers. If not possible, we'll need lots more details to pin it down such as bodywork style, fork type, etc. Also, your location isn't given- is this an EU or USA model?

    Help us out here, so that we can help you!


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