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Thread: Ebay UK Quattro

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    Ebay UK Quattro

    Just a quick note about this bike in case any folk here are bidding on it. It's a high price for a 500 Quattro so I feel I've got to make an arse of myself by posting this.


    Should look like this

    It looks a nice machine if done up to a price with some close but incorrect parts.

    I've asked the fellow a couple of times to come a bit cleaner about his description to no avail. Quattros are rare but do come up quite regularly.

    I think the following may be incorrect on the bike....
    Exhaust - probably repro but maybe from a very early 750. Original pipe #1 is unobtainable all others are available. Seamed Quattro pipes are linked near the exit with a rubber bellows on each side. A 1981 bike would have had the later non seamed silencers

    Switch gear - modern replacements, Aprilia switches will set you back around £300 if you can find them!

    Indicators - are CEV I think should be Aprilia £60 ea NOS

    Grips - Both are wrong

    Center stand - Missing

    Shocks - These are Cerianis not the original ?Sebacs?, Nice shocks but from a Laverda or 650 Tornado

    Seat - Recovered and missing the Benelli symbol from the back

    Seat lock - missing

    Wheel rims - painted silver

    Side panels - missing stripe
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    Looks like the previous owner had a one legged pillion too....Ahhh nope, it's folded down and up in another shot.

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    Cheers Chris. Nice to know that someone is looking out for the interests of other Benellistas.



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