Benelli 900 Sei air filter removal.
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Thread: Benelli 900 Sei air filter removal.

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    Benelli 900 Sei air filter removal.


    Does anyone know an 'easy way' of removing the air filter from a 900 Sei? According to the manual it's a question of just removing the battery and taking off the plastic cover. Trouble is there is the large metal strip that takes the battery strap in the way. I can bend it forward a little but I don't it to snap. Do I have to take out the battery tray?

    I was wondering if it would be worthwhile removing the air filter and air box and just fitting individual K&N conical filters, although presumably some rejetting will be required.

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    Hi Shaun
    To change the air filter you do need to remove the battery and bend the metal strap towards the rear wheel and with a struggle you can remove the back of the air box to get to the filter.There is a K& N filter that fits the Benelli air box Selwyn knows the number of the filter. Any new air filter will need to be squashed to an oval shape before fitting though.You have to be very patient to fit a Benelli air filter not easy!

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    Benelli 900 Sei air filter removal.

    Thanks again Richard!

    An excellent piece of design where you have to bend bits of your motorbike in order to do basic maintenance - I don't think this was on the drawing board for long, if at all!

    I still have a few mods to do: I need to fit some stainless brakes lines, I sourced a larger capacity sump pan from Germany, an oil cooler seems to be recommended, I might upgrade the rear shocks, the clutch is a bit heavy so I'm toying with the idea of a Magura hydraulic clutch conversion and, if budget can stretch to it, I might pay a visit to Campbells who are not too far from me and commission a bespoke 6 into 6 exhaust system.

    The last item may involve selling a few body parts though!



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