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Thread: racks/rails

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    sorry if I've jump the gun etc.
    just a note if you have problems looking for rack/rails etc.
    I've been making these on and off for roughly 10 years now.
    last year after been made redundance I decided to do it as a living now that I'm 61. no chance of a job.
    I made mainly for classic jap bikes and laverdas as well as he odd Brits bikes.
    so if require any thing along these line just ask.
    all I will need is some measurements or better still a rail to copy of it will be return with in a week.
    also some modern bikes to....
    Kawasaki ZRX...

    RE5 Rack...

    these are just a few sample of what I make.
    this taken from the Laverda Forum...
    you don't have to read it all

    john made for me a copy of the original folding style rack for my SF750 and it fits perfectly . He seemed to have several orders for the 750 racks of different types and I noticed in our correspondence back and forth he became unsure as to what was correct as it seemed everybody was coming up with different measurements. In the middle of all of this instead of asking which model bike the rack would be installed on he started asking for measurements from particular points instead. Measurement A, measurement B, D, G, etc... In my case he started with pictures I sent him from a folding rack for a 1000 I have here and ended with one that works beautifully for the 750. In a perfect world he would have the bike at his shop to work with but as we all know that'll be the exception to the rule. We, as Laverda gearheads, usually know all of the ins and outs of our bikes. I gather John builds stuff for a much wider variety of bikes so he'll have a much more difficult time keeping all of this mess straight. Cut the guy some slack and be happy anyone is doing this at all.Tom

    I have bought 3 racks from John, all fit well and look great.
    I had supplied him a shorty and a long grabrail for the 180 triples so he could base his designs on them.
    I had the "long" carrier chromed myself as John said upfront that it was too big for his chromer to handle.

    I have found him easy to work with to get the end result I want.
    I think he has done a good job in creating these items for our old bikes, without having had one to work on in the design stage.

    We need more people like him to be catering for a small niche like our Laverdas.

    Very pleased with my rack too, great service and price, honest approach , solved my requirements perfectly. Shaun

    thats it for now folks. john

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    I would be interested in a Benelli Sei grab rail. I don't have one but think they are available from Germany for around 150 Euros. He would have to compete with that of course.

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    how does £70 sound plus p&p.
    any chance of a link to that seller?


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