Thanks to all those who have given me advice so far. The Benellis (yes there are two now!) are getting there.

A new problem has raised its ugly head with my latest acquisition (a 1989 model) which has a very heavy clutch. I have fitted a brand new T4 clutch cable from Venhills at a staggering cost of £65 - it hasn't made the slightest bit of difference! The cable is oiled and the run good. Strangely, despite the fact that the inner and outer parts of the cable are exactly as the old one I seem to have to extend the handle bar adjuster out more than previous.

One thing I did notice when I went for a test drive (prior to changing the cable) was an audible whine when changing down gear and decelerating hard. Don't know if this is to do with the clutch. The bike wasn't running on all 6 cylinders so whether this affected engine braking (which seemed quite fierce) and put extra strain on the clutch and/or gearbox I don't know.

I could fit a Magura hydraulic clutch lever conversion but I would have to change to an earlier style separate switchgear unit, as on this model the lever and switch gear are an integral unit. Does anyone know a way to lighten the clutch operation? The way it is now I think it will be torture to ride in town traffic.

The only other area for attention is the fork action. On this model it seems very soft. Just pushing the bike forward and they dive. Any ideas, or mods?

Any advice gratefully received. If I can sort out these two problems I may finally be able to get some riding in before the summer's out!