Working on a Benelli 500 QUATTRO
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Thread: Working on a Benelli 500 QUATTRO

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    Working on a Benelli 500 QUATTRO

    Hi Guys,
    I just signed up for the forum!
    Two months ago and after some back and forth, I acquired a silver benelli 500 quattro with 5000ish original miles. After getting the bike, I connected a new lithium battery and she started like a champ but once you disconnect the choke it didn't run well at all. I figure the issue is probably in corroded / dirty carburetors.
    I am currently painting the tank and side covers and they are looking very nice.
    Most of the chrome is in good condition and what is rusted has already been sent to have it chromed. Rims are a bit rusted and I removed most of it. I will decide later if I want to disassemble or not.
    The engine is clean but I want to pull it out of the frame to have it cleaned. I need to paint the black area just below the valve cover. Removing the engine scares me a bit so I am looking and looking before doing that task.

    The pipes are pretty rusted. Can pipes be repaired? There are some large holes. I have a good chromer but not sure if this pipes can be repaired. I found a supplier in Germany that has imitation pipes for about a grand but I really really want to salvage this pipes. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Lastly, does anyone know what a fully restored 500 Quattro is worth? I have checked for a couple of months and found none for sale. Most for sale are SEIs and the 650 but no 500's, any idea why?

    Enough questions for tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marios View Post
    really want to salvage this pipes. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    If the pipes are rusty,and they are it is not a good idea to make them looking nice outside and be dirty and maybe blocked inside.
    If looking for good value of your bike you need to consider that the pipes are cosmetically and functional key points to the bike even you if wanting to keep it for weekend runs.
    I need six pipes for my 750 sei so I bring them one by one from even that i could still use the old ones,but they were 6 into 2 and I did not like it.

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    I believe that you can clean out t he insides with caustic soda. And a trip to your local engineering company could provide a look inside with a borescope. For a few packs of biscuits and a bit of charm If sound then off to the plating shop.
    A nice pair of nellies

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


    A bit like a Z25 then.


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