My VHB's were stuffed and I couldn't get them right so I got hold of Eurocarb for some advice on replacements. Dellorto R4047 PHBH 30AS 4 stroke's would slot straight in but are left handed only or R3488 PHBH 30BS's are left and right handed but would require manifold modification.

I can't be bothered modifying manifolds and it doesn't worry me if I have to stick a long screwdriver in to get at the hidden idle & mixture control on the right hand carb if I have to so R4047 PHBH 30AS 4 stroke's it were for me.

They went straight on with the out of the box settings, just needed the outer throttle cable sheath shortened a bit to lengthen the inner cable to get the slides down and the Tornado's mojo is back. Much better than it ever was. The original rubber trumpets don't fit these carbs so some oiled Unifilter angled pods sorted that out. Now it has filtration too.

All good


VHB carb replacements on Tornado 650-p1020983.jpgVHB carb replacements on Tornado 650-p1020991.jpg