6 volt flywheel magneto problem - anyone good at electrics?
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Thread: 6 volt flywheel magneto problem - anyone good at electrics?

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    Question 6 volt flywheel magneto problem - anyone good at electrics?

    I'm rewiring my 250 sprite and have come up against a problem with the lighting power feed. The generator is a DANSI ADL78/2ANB and has three wires coming from it. The red is the feed to the points and works ok, so the bike runs. The orange wire, which is connected to the outer winding of the second coil is I think the lighting feed but it is only putting out 3 Volts ac and less than 1 Amp. By the time it's gone through the rectifier / regulator that has dropped to around 1 Volt dc. Obviously that's not enough to power the lights or charge the battery.
    The third, black wire is attached to one end of the inner winding on that second coil, the other end of the winding goes to earth. Putting a meter on that black wire gives a reading of less than 1 Volt, 2 Amps.
    The headlight is not the original and I have no original loom to go by, so it's a bit 'suck it and see'!
    Can anyone give me an idea of what the lighting coil should be outputting to the orange and black wires please? I'm guessing it should be around 7 Volts on the orange, and I'm not really sure what the black wire is for at all! Help!!

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    Scrap it

    As an electrician with over thirty years experience working on old motorbikes and military vehicle electrics I would recommend if your build budget will allow to get Powerdynamo to build you a new alternator/mag rectifier set up.
    The units they make are a piece of cake to fit and time up, the power output is great both for spark and charging, go for a 12V system and you will be trouble free for years to come.
    I know the purists say it is not right to uprate systems to 12V but I have never found one of them at the side of the road at night willing to help when it all goes to pot.

    I have no connection to Powerdynamo not even sure what country they bode from but there products are very well made and I put them on par with Motoplat systems without the huge price tag.

    Best of luck


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    Thanks Russ, I think you may have a point! I found their site and the system can be bought off the shelf for €410 (£337); not cheap but if it works....
    Looks like I may have to do some overtime. But if anyone has a fix for the crappy 6v system while I'm saving up, it would be appreciated too.
    Kent UK

    Powerdynamo for Motobi 175/250SS(Sport Special), Taper 1:6,666, Rotor 1.1kg


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