Hope someone can advise on a top end noise on my Tornado. Everything is standard on the bike, clean oil filters etc. It seems to run a tad rich on the standard settings but pulls well and generally seems OK. Bar vibration not too bad at all. Still has a very low mile engine due to inactivity for 30 years. At about 3500 rpm a sort of metallic rattle starts and gets worse and louder with revs. Under 3500 rpm there is no rattle at all. There is nothing loose on the bike/frame that could seem to make that noise. I think it could be tappet noise but is really quite loud. I've heard from another member that it could indicate that the engine is not timed correctly? Maybe a sort of pinging? I always use high octane fuel as per recommendation. Does anyone have any idea what it could be or how to fix it? I'm on [email protected] if anyone wants to discuss this or 650's Tornado's in general. Cheers Glyn New Zealand.