Benelli 2C front discs
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Thread: Benelli 2C front discs

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    Benelli 2C front discs

    Continuing on from my previous thread, my drum front wheel looks like a scrapper for can a drum hub become so warped? So I'm having to revert to a disc set up which means a complete front end change, yolks, forks, wheel the lot. So here is the question, does anybody know if there is an equivalant disc you can use with the same offsets as the benelli disc? Perhaps a moto Guzzi V50, etc..I want to use a twin disc set up as this is for a race bike.

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    Hi am pretty sure they have the same discs as the guzzi V50 because the forks are the same they definitely have the same caliper.
    Benelli and guzzi shared lots of parts during the 70s and 80s makes a lot of sense for small company's .


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