Hello from a former 250 2C owner
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Thread: Hello from a former 250 2C owner

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    Hello from a former 250 2C owner

    Hi All,
    I owned a Benelli 250 2C when I was 17, I'm not sure what year it was as it had been rebuilt and re-registered on an S plate (you could do that back then). It had the Grimeca twin front drum brake and iron barrels if that helps date it. I only had it for a year as I was short of cash and couldn't afford to fix it when the crank went. It started running on one cylinder, disconnecting either plug cap would let it run on whichever cylinder was still sparking but it wouldn't run on both! Much head scratching ensued but when I noticed that the crank had about 2mm of up and down play I realised that the mains had gone and taken the crank seals with them. Anyway, I'm still riding, I have a Triumph TT600, a project Yamaha TY125 and a project Honda Superdream 250, which I'm planning on selling to make space for another 2C or a Guzzi 250 TS (are you allowed to mention them on here?)

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    Hi Mike welcome to the forum , if your bike had iron barrels it was a mk 1 250 2c built in the early 70s. These are a great alternative to Japanese 2 strokes and have a good turn of speed aswell as excellent handling for their age. Guzzi or Benelli 250 are welcome here they are 90% the same bike.
    There are lots of people on here to help with these bikes and Selwyn motorcycles also has spares and workshop facilities for Benelli


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