Headlight rubber for '76 Sei needed!!
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Thread: Headlight rubber for '76 Sei needed!!

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    Headlight rubber for '76 Sei needed!!

    Hello folks
    Fairly new to this forum, I'm doing a medium restoration on my '76 750 Sei. It's a US import, and I need that rubber ring/gasket/whatever that goes between the rim/reflector and the headlight shell. Even a detailed description of one would be good, then I could perhaps make one from scratch using a similar auto rubber section and end glue it to make the ring.
    I also could do with a better rim, mine's a bit road-rash damaged, and rusty.
    I am getting parts from Detlef in Germany, but he doesn't stock the US type headlight parts.
    Brian Cutler
    Melbourne, Australia

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    Charles McCall
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    If Ditlef can't help you then perhaps Enrique of the Benelli Motor Club (Spain) could. He specializes in the restoration of the Sei.

    Bienvenidos*?*Benelli Moto Club de España

    I haven't worked with him, but it's a suggestion.

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    headlight rubber found!

    I was able to source the correct headlight rim rubber for my US delivered '76 Sei from Steve at Bevel Heaven - around $65 USD, but great quality!
    Brian Cutler, Melb. Australia


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