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First post, here we go...

I'm racing a Benelli 250 2C and I have been looking for 58mm pistons for a while until I was fed up with it and let them made by Wössner. Now I have 4 pistons for sale.
These pistons are for direct replacement for Asso 2002/1.

Piston Kit 58mm for Benelli 250 2c - Asso 2002/1 replacement

Pistons 58mm 250 2c-bestand_000.jpegPistons 58mm 250 2c-bestand_000-1-.jpegPistons 58mm 250 2c-bestand_002.jpegPistons 58mm 250 2c-bestand_004.jpegPistons 58mm 250 2c-bestand_005.jpegPistons 58mm 250 2c-img_4533.jpgPistons 58mm 250 2c-img_5137.jpg

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