250 2c starting troubles
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Thread: 250 2c starting troubles

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    250 2c starting troubles

    me again... ive owned my 2c well over a year now and the bloody thing still doesnt want to start when its warm!
    today i tought i found the problem (again...) when i lowered the flauts for the carbs (before it ran good with the fuel taps closed, and when opened the engine flooded).
    again when she runs, she runs beautifull and pulls well!
    (note it was well over 30 degrees outside today)
    does anyone have a stock setting for the carbs and a recomendation for spark plugs? ive been experimenting with all sorts but with very little result.

    both crankseals are replaced, good overal compression and a nice spark.. but no fuel seems to get in? carbs are cleaned and the fuel runs.


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    Hi Nigel,

    My bikes and those of my mates (five in all) are set up on stock settings and start very well.

    Points to note are:
    They seem to require choke at anything less than hot. Stop for 5 minutes and you need choke again.
    Use absolutely no throttle for hot and cold starting. Otherwise they flood and you have a big problem
    with no crankcase drain plug.
    If your mixture is out and you soot up plugs this will make for hard hot starting. Aim for that nice
    tan colour on the electrodes. Keep a spare set of plugs under the seat if you are having starting problems
    - it can often be a quick fix with a two stroke.
    Look for carby leaks at the cylinder flange and the airbox rubbers.

    That's all I can think of. In our case I have to say we needed to get the start procedure right (choke/no throttle) before
    hot and cold starts were sorted.



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    unfortunaly i dont know the stock settings.. i pushed the floats in the carbs a bit upwards again because i had the feeling it was running lean.. both cilinders felt very hot and sparkplugs were very white (with the air mixture screw turned out 1 turn).
    Now its running a whole lot better after i putted in some ngk B8ES spark plugs in i had laying around (previous ones were 7's). Started first kick again and ran alot better, turned it of and started first kick again.

    tomorrow ill see how it behaves after a small run

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    i did a run to go to an cafe racer and vintage bikes event and after 30km (of absolutely perfect running) the bike suddenly started misfiring and cut out... i had some spare plugs with me and changed them but i didnt get any further. She is dead... tried bumpstarting for over an hour. she shooted into life but ran really lumpy and crappy and then cut out again and again and again...

    im ordering some new/secondhand coils and see what happens...


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