Mistery lead
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Thread: Mistery lead

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    Mistery lead

    Good day, gentlemen. I've recently bought a 1972 Benelli Tornado 650S, and very nice it is too! Unfortunately I have battery charging and wiring problems, but for the moment I wonder if anyone can cast light on coil connections, please? Sitting on the bike, the right hand coil has a single wire to one coil connection and the other comprises a pair of wires in a single sheath, both with identical ring connectors, but only one of them is connected to the coil, the other one is in mid air, ie not connected. Is this correct, please, or should they both be on the coil? Thanks in anticipation.

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    I don't have a Tornado, so I can't tell you what you should be looking at. However, if it were my bike, I would start by finding where this lead comes from. That should give you a clue as to its purpose.
    There are some Tornado owners on this forum. I'm sure one of them will be along soon, but the weather is much too sunny this weekend. They're probably all out riding their bikes.

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    Mystery Lead

    I've traced the mystery lead back to a terminal in the fuse box. There are two connections to the coil, one which is paired with unconnected lead, the other side of the coil having what looks like a new lead which appears to go to the contact breaker.
    i was congratulating myself on having found a wiring diagram for this bike, but the location of the various connectors, compared with the current(!) wiring doesn't tally up. Ive been trying to avoid sending the bike back, but it looks like it may have to retrace its steps!
    thanks for the advice.


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