Gold Quattro / Sei anyone?
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Thread: Gold Quattro / Sei anyone?

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    Gold Quattro / Sei anyone?

    I love an offbeat paint scheme and I'd never seen a 500 Quattro or Sei in gold before so I had to have this tank...

    The paint seems to be original with the usual hand painted stripes and poor finish, it came from Spain. If it's been refinished someone has gone to a lot of effort to do it as badly as the factory )) .

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    I’ve never seen any picture of a gold one, but it does look factory.

    My sei was originally a sort of green (not a nice BRG, but yuck green). The dealer swapped it and the side covers out with a red Quattro he had. So it had an extra hole (that you didn’t really see) in the side covers for the ‘Quattro’ emblem.

    Sure wish I had kept my sei



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