Battery for 250 2C with PowerDynamo
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Thread: Battery for 250 2C with PowerDynamo

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    Battery for 250 2C with PowerDynamo

    Hi, I?m about to fit a PowerDynamo 12v system to my 2C and wonder what battery other people who have fitted one have used. Checking the dimensions a YB5L-B or 12N5-3B is the closest in physical size to the old 6v battery but will it have enough capacity? I think early Suzuki 250?s came with that size battery so I presume that it would cope.

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    I'm using the YB5L-B with the Powerdynamo. No problems with it so far but I'm running very basic electrics with no indicators.

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    The power dynamo is very good and runs indicators fine. The battery required is a Moto batt MB5U same as above.
    the rectifier/regulator is much more efficient than the old ones and uses more of the power available
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