1967 Benelli 200 Sprite egg motor 4 spd. Flywheel magneto ignition. 3 wires off stator. Black and Green (off lighting coil) and Red from Points.

The Red wire runs to the isolated points side to capacitor. Also, single wire ignition winding wire attaches to capacitor as well.

I ASSUME the other end of the ignition coil wire goes to ground in the stator. - nothing is shown on the wiring diagram.

Question 1:
The timing procedure says to use a 6v bulb and battery to create a circuit through the points by the RED wire and grounding to chassis (engine case). They say the bulb will be out when the points are open, and lit when the points close. rotate the flywheel to the A (advanced mark) and the light should go on.

How is this possible? if the lighting coil is connected to the capacitor and the points (red wire).....isn't there a ground path therefore that test light will always be on??????? what am I missing or am I thinking too much?

Question 2:
Normally, the points in a coil ignition are on the NEG. side of the HT coil. In this case, the points are on the "hot" side. I would assume this means the coil doesn't care about polarity?

Question 3:
How much voltage out should be seen on a meter on the RED output lead and the rotor spins? This is the power for the HT coil.

Question 4:
Anyone have resistor values for the ignition coil in the flywheel? (see other post). I think mine might be dead causing No Spark....