I’ve finished up my ‘77 750 SEI. Weather has improved here, plated and insured, planning a longer ride this week. Next project is to complete my 1970 Honda cb750K0. As I’ve noted in the past, I have restored more than a couple SOHC cb750K’s....... I also have about 50% of the parts I need to build another SEI, including a very clean, straight frame. So the other day I am staring at my completed SEI, sitting in amongst several Honda 750K’s (and shelves brimming with Honda parts) and I had a freakish though:
”Why not build a Benelli 750 Quattro?” I even have the badges! My ‘’77/78 cb750 Honda’s have original 4-4 pipes that are virtually identical to the BUSSO pipes on th Benelli SEI. Almost nobody in Canada has seen a 750 SEI or a 500 Quattro. I bet I could ride a Honda powered 750 Quattro for years and never get called out on it! I would be “ two pipes short of a full load”. I have run DCOE Webers on a cb750, so perhaps a set of side draft Dellortos would be more correct?
Has anyone ever heard of this conversion? I’ve done a few measurements and obviously a lot of work, but I’ve built my own frames for vintage sports racers I’ve restored, so it is a possibility. Pure heresy, I know, but really, the SEI is just a cb550 X 1.5! Comments? Suggestion? Crazy? Just thinking out loud......... John D.