If Benelli isn't going to take care of us than I will!!!!!!! Ducati has their world Ducati Week now we will have our annual World Benelli Weekend!!!!

Yes folks, back by popular demand, it is now the second annual Benelli-Que. Thats right, if you missed the first one then the second is a must. I will be organizing this one early as it will involve a bit of travel from the gloomy weather conditions of Europe to the sunny, dry, sand white beaches of.........FLORIDA!!!! Yes, start planning your trips now for May2nd and 3rd weekend to be in the Pensacola, Navarre, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida area at this time. Not sure what we are going to organize yet but once again yours truely will be jamming my meat into your yappers! I know not all will be able to bring bikes over but if one of our English brethren want to work with a shipper and see if we can get a mass rate there and back. I am more than willing to store them in my garage during the interim between shipping and returning. And this time noone gets to back out last minute!!! (And noone is allowed to crach their bikes into poles on round-abouts either) If so desired, we can change the date to accomodate more folks. I was actually thinking about the Datona 500 weekend so that we had a major event to attend. Or, if desired, I can work out something so we can make a mass trip up to a motocycle museum at http://www.barbermuseum.org/ ...what a place!!! Maybe we can schedule a little track time for all that bring their bikes. I'll see what I can do. Lets get an idea of who is interested in attending and get the word out to all Nelli owners, not just Tornado's. So lets get the word out and get some feedback as to preferred dates. Must be a weekend so majority will have it off!!!