250 2c Electrical
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Thread: 250 2c Electrical

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    250 2c Electrical

    I obtained a Rooster Booster some years ago and I'm finally getting round to installing it and renewing the electrics. Its not immediately obvious to me how to integrate it into the wiring system and the site no longer seems to exists. Anyone out there have experience of these devices on a 250 2C? Is it just a matter of junking the transformer rectifier and connecting all outgoing 6V circuits to the device? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Just had some information from Tony at Mistgreen so problem solved!
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    I just put in a Velleman ignition booster on my Wards / Benelli 350, and it really helped the ignition, especially at idle (it's not registered yet, so I can't test the highway speeds).
    It runs more smoothly and easily now.
    I know that's not really on-point for your question, but it does demonstrate that the transistor ignition units do help the performance.
    Hope you get the info you need on the Rooster unit. If not, I encourage you to try the Vellemans.



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