Benelli Sei 900 Gearbox sprocket and chain.
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Thread: Benelli Sei 900 Gearbox sprocket and chain.

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    Benelli Sei 900 Gearbox sprocket and chain.

    Being new to Benelli ownership can anyone with a 900 Sei tell me of a Uk supplier that I can get a gearbox sprocket, chain and cush drive from? I had a new rear sprocket with the bike and would like to buy good quality parts from the Uk. The cush drive has also seen better days and could do with replacing. The previous owner has bought many parts from D.Burian but when browsing their site I see it is not a secure site, has anyone had any problems from buying parts there?

    Is the gearbox sprocket or cush drive the same as fitted to some Japanese bikes? Which is best, an o-ring, or x-ring chain?

    Although the previous owner spent a lot of money on this bike it 's got a lot of problems, like the front brake judder which I have not sorted yet.

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    Richard Powell
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    Hi Burian and Wilfred from Germany are great part suppliers, I have had no problems using either. They are both great Benelli enthusiasts and very knowledgable and helpful.
    good luck getting your 900 sorted, I had mine 34 years and love it as much as the day I bought it!
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