Looking for a Sei 750 expert in California
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Thread: Looking for a Sei 750 expert in California

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    Looking for a Sei 750 expert in California

    Hi everyone
    i just bought my first Benelli, a Sei 750 and itís in San Diego at the moment. Itís been standing a while and I donít know the history. I would really like to have an expert look it over and make an honest appraisal of its state and work needed. Also anyone recommended in California to do the mechanical work. I am relying on you experts to help me.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    Mark Hollingsworth
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    I can’t help with a local person, but some pictures would be great

    I often wonder what happened to my old sei
    1978 Benelli sei, 1973 Benelli 250 SuperSport, 1968 Benelli Dynamo Trail, various OSSAs, Betas


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