Hi I have got 2 900 sei’s and both have clutch rattle, with the lockdown I decided to investigate a way of curing it.
Benelli 900 sei clutch rattle-1343d37e-8792-4c81-a0b9-1ecaa1ee5a4f.jpeg
Benelli 900 sei clutch rattle-d684df30-8f92-423a-bb70-8f228edfc9f8.jpeg
Using Benelli service tools it was quite easy to remove the clutch and replace seals and o rings.
on close inspection I noticed some play on the first steel clutch plate and the centre drum on the splines!
Benelli 900 sei clutch rattle-93f1a76e-20b5-441d-9c24-d535a127b491.jpeg
I Removed the plate by releasing the circlip that holds it in place it is made of mild steel. I decided because of lockdown and spares scarcity to effect a fix of my own. I took the plate and placed it on an anvil and gently hammered the spline only to spread the metal a little. I did this by methodically going around the plate then checking it on the clutch center drum. Eventually it was a snug fit with no play you must not hammer the disc part just the splines
Benelli 900 sei clutch rattle-9edbc362-e339-45f8-aa2e-49ed2cbd7020.jpeg
I then reassembled the clutch and readjusted it before starting the bike up, it was much quieter than any time that I have owned this bike in the last 30 years.
i hope this maybe of help to those who have a sei with rattle on tickover