Benelli 750 - Position of the brake fluid divisor
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Thread: Benelli 750 - Position of the brake fluid divisor

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    Benelli 750 - Position of the brake fluid divisor

    Hello, it is my first post in the forum. I am restoring an benelli 750, I got in parts and have problems to find the correct position of the brake fluid divisor at the seering base. The base has a tread in the front an the divisor has several fixing holes, but none fits directly. Do I need a support plate? I am living in Argentina, and as far as I know there is only one other bike like mine in the country, so help is very appreciated.

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    Yes you do. There is a metal plate that holds the brake splitter to the two holes in the lower clamp

    See item 10 here

    There were two different forks fitted to the Sei they may have different brackets. The pic is for the early bikes 74/75.


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