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Thread: Request for advice or help

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    Request for advice or help

    Now that its getting a bit warmer I will soon be back in 254 restoration mode and will be dropping the engine out to get the frame coated. I wanted to do the valve clearances and anything else engine related that is easier with it out, but am a little daunted by the prospect having not done anything more than oil / filter change before. I have the manual and it makes it look relatively easy... is it likely to be? Anyone technical fancy giving me some moral support when I do it? I am keen to have a go but always nice to have backup! Tea and biscuits would be plentiful!


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    PM sent !!

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    Hiya Col,
    Although I've never worked on the 254 I've done a few SOHC 4s now. Not sure if you need a dial gauge and stand to adjust the tappets on this one but other than that the only trouble you are likely to come across is the tinyness of the beast. Budget some dosh for the inevitable hardened rubber and electrical parts that will break when you strip the frame. The joy of Benelli is that I've never had a stuck fastener that was the factory's fault - it's like they used calibrated torque wrenches for everything. You'll not get that on a Honda! Let me know if you want a hand / need something fixed.


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    Col, if you get stuck I'm sure my mate Alan will help you out,

    he's in the process of setting up his own web site too.......... HERE !

    He's very helpful and he's not too far away in Wednesbury,

    p..s See if you can spot my old Tornado too !

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