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    250 cafe

    I recently bought a wards 250 and am in the process of cleaning it all up. It has clubman bars on it so the original throttle cable housing isnt long enough. I trimmed the cable and put an adjustable nut on the end so it will all fit right but now it is binding up. Any ideas? I was thinking about grinding down the adjustable nut but if anyone has had this problem I would love to know your solution

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    Hi Gunnar,
    I've been waiting for someone more knowledgeable to answer you question. The only thing I can suggest is that the cable has frayed inside the sleeve and is jamming. I presume you have a Super Pratic B twist grip - I wonder if the adjuster could be too far in and interfering with the cable travel. The twist grip on my Tornado has long adjusters.

    There's a Yahoo Wards group that is quite active and may be of more help.


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