Introduction, with questions of course.
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Thread: Introduction, with questions of course.

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    Introduction, with questions of course.

    G'day all, been a member and reading this forum for a while now (since the GB forum closed), it's fairly quiet here compared to some of the forums I visit which is understandable considering the low numbers of benelli classics that seem to be around. As you can see by my sig, I'm a fan of Italian bikes and was lusting after a 750 sei for a long time. Prices in Aus kept going up and up with me thinking thats too dear and why didn't I buy it back in the 80's when they were dirt cheap. Bit the bullet in 09 and bought a highly polished, somewhat modified, extra nice looking 750 sei. Short story, got it home, got her running (sounds magic through some custom made 6 into 6 pipes), took it round the block and aside from sitting bike problems I also discovered a leak from the gearbox shifter shaft seal. Since then, she has sat just getting admiring looks while I worked on Guzzi's and my z650.
    Looking at my bikes and thinking sensibly, the Sei is much closer to the road than my Z so going to concentrate on it. Now for question time, and asking these before I know for sure where the problem is, is the gearbox input shaft seal (the one behind the shift lever) replaceable from outside the case? Here's a pic of my favourites in there room.

    76 Benelli Sei, 76 Guzzi Lemans, 79 Guzzi Lemans, 79 Kawasaki z650, 98 BMW F650, 08 Suzuki DL650

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    Hi Doc,
    I've never done it on a 750 Sei but you should be able to change the gearshift oil seal with the shaft in place. I will be hard though. There are two methods I heard of but I've only used one.

    1) Take a fine drill and drill two small holes to suit self tapping screws through the metal part of the oil seal. This is a top hat shaped ring that gives the seal its strength. Screw in the self tappers and yank on them. It's quite easy to make an improvised puller arrangement with the self tappers.

    2) I have seen very thin oil seal pullers for slide hammers that you force past the seal lip and hook behind the metal top hat. Never seen one for sale though!

    I think the the oil pump, clutch pushrod, neutral switch, and output shaft seals sit behind that cover as well. Any of them could be leaking.

    Hope this helps


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    Welcome Doc. Nice bikes. Good luck with the fixes.


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