Tornado's on Ebay
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Thread: Tornado's on Ebay

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    Tornado's on Ebay

    There's been two new Tornado 650s on Ebay in the UK this weekend as pointed out to me by Benellioldman. Neither is perfect but neither is bad given the age of these things. If you want perfection then I feel I should point out the following minor bloopers on the more expensive machine 'cos if you're going to pay £3k plus you want it right:

    That seat's a minger but has to be more comfortable than STD
    Rear light glass
    Cable ends
    Side panel stickers
    Engine badges - not sure about this though
    Idiot light lens
    Some stainless fasteners
    Clutch cable clamp at front of tank
    Fuel taps

    Plus points:
    Original Lafranconi silencers with the elaborate stamp
    Domed tank badges
    Original paint
    Correct choke lever
    Correct throttle adjusters

    Reading the text: I'd love to see proof that the standard Tornado is faster than a Commando - mine is most definitely not, if you want a fast parallel twin buy a Laverda! The starters on the S can work ok.

    Looking at the £4.3KGBP the previous Tornado fetched last week anyone want to swap my spanking Tornado for a Norton 650SS ??
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