Wanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts
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Thread: Wanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts

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    Wanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts

    Before I put in the order, maybe someone has some parts out there from this list? Easier parts would be the turn signals, throttle tube, throttle cables, rear right signal, pillion seat cover. Maybe the inner fairings bits as well.


    Fiche Number Part Number Description QTY
    15 R21814821A Upper Inner Right Fairing 1
    16 R21814831A Upper Inner Left Fairing 1
    18 R21814801A Cover RH 1
    19 R21814811A Cover LH 1
    12 R90750198E Sm. Inner Cover Screws 2
    2 R90750051A Windscreen Well Nut 4
    3 R90450438E Windscreen Screw 4
    4 R92050138H Windscreen Washer 4
    1 R21814191ABU Left Mirror Green 1
    2 R21814181ABU Right Mirror Green 1
    3 R21814441A Rubber pad, mirror 2
    4 R95050141A Quick Fastening, mirror 4
    5 R9555025M9 Rivet Mirror 4
    11 R180174196000 Screw, mirror 2
    6 R21814021ABU Upper Fairing Right Green 1
    7 R21814011ABU Upper Fairing Left Green 1
    11 R180100143000 Fuel Release Tool 1
    7 R180278001000 Front Right Indicator 1
    8 R180278002000 Front Left Indicator 1
    3 R180260106000 Throttle Cable Closing 1
    4 R180260104000 Throttle Cable Opening 1
    1 R21413291A Throttle Tube 1
    5 R90752302B Screw nylon washer (4x) 4
    10 R1802741990BU Saddle Cover Green 1
    11 R180279164000 Rubber Pad R, Saddle Cover 1
    12 R180279165000 Rubber Pad L, Saddle Cover 1

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    Good luck finding that lot, they won't come cheap.

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    That's a pricey list .... If you can get them .
    Canary trek on here has throttle cables probably the throttle tube too if it's the same parts as a TreK .... I got my cables made at Speedy Cables in South Wales u

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    If anything from my beast bellow comes into account for your Tornado - let me know, i am parting it out.

    2 months ago, my gearbox 2nd gear tooth broke of, came between the sprockets, stuck the wheel and violently cracked the block through gearbox cover. Put in new used gearbox, fixed the crack, and few days ago started to bang a lot on the clutch side - i give up sorting this bike, it was working flawless for 20.000 km (bought it with 30k on the clock) and last year, i put over 3.000 eur in it (timing chain, new clutch basket, both sprockets, chain, spark plugs, filters, oil pump, water pump, throttle sync, valve settings....), and now i decided to stop. I suspect loosen z25 as it already happened once, and damage to clutch basket - wont even take a look but it bangs like horror.

    Would fix it, but only if i would be able to get new 0 km engine, but thats a unicorn tale story

    Everything still available - all parts which have been changed, i have kept the original (brake clutch levers, screen, exhaust,...)

    .Wanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts-5.jpgWanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts-4.jpgWanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts-2.jpgWanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts-20190212_172130.jpg

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    I have the RH mirror, brand new, in it's original packaging. PM me.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Wanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts-20190612_114439.jpg   Wanted: Tornado Tre 900 Parts-20190612_114445.jpg  

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    I put in an order for the parts. It's been a month and haven't heard anything about parts shipping. Trying to get a hold of seller to see if I can knock some line items off.

    The interesting part was that some of the part were cheaper to buy OEM than aftermarket.

    Thanks to the offers above. I will see if I can change things in the order to take up the offers.


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