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    parts from

    Found this website that lists a slipper clutch for the Tre and TnT.

    Anyone have any experience with this German company?

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    Tax Tre
    My limited knowledge is that the Tre already has some generic slipper clutch in it.

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    And my limited knowledge tells me they removed it for the 2004 and onwards models, but that it can be installed quite easily aftermarket with Benelli parts (would have cost me around 200€)

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    Big Bad Al
    I think the slipper clutch is still there bud (or at least it is on my one)


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    slipper clutch

    My regular Tre has ist it in from new.

    I was wondering who was delivering the dry clutches for Benelli as I need the springs and fixing bolts.

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    dry clutch

    remember that you cant fit a dry clutch to anything else but a LE, you can get STM slipper clutch's for tornado''s/ TnT's but it is a wet slipper clutch. I though all tornado's have the slipper as standard and no tnts have a slipper, except for the few titanium tnt's made before the factory closed down, I think 25 where made, the upcoming titanium tnt later this year looks as if it will have a dry slipper, the new 1130cc tornado will have a wet slipper, but the expected 1130cc Tornado "Esse" with the ohlins suspension will have a dry slipper

    Everyone got that.............:b

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    Re: dry clutch

    thanks Aussievtr after reading all of that I found my mind............................ slipping.....................:\ :lol :lol


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