headlight led bulb upgrade with no modifications
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Thread: headlight led bulb upgrade with no modifications

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    headlight led bulb upgrade with no modifications


    These fit and allow headlamp to remain standard.

    less drain on battery and alternator

    Nice crisp white light, less drain on battery when starting.

    Fly lead bare connectors need to be insulated to stop a short when reassembling.

    Photo prior to putting plastic cover back. (don't know why it looks so big upon viewing)

    headlight led bulb upgrade with no modifications-20190710_182516.jpg
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    At last there are LED bulbs with an intensity to rival HID. This has been a long time coming.

    Take care though, the human eye works much better at night with a colour temperature of 4300K than 6000K. ie. tending to yellow (like our favourite star) rather than blue.
    headlight led bulb upgrade with no modifications-img218.jpg
    The first HID I tried was 6000K (maybe higher) and it made the yellow road signs look green and when changed to 4300K, I could see much further, even though the intensity was the same.
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