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Hello friends,does anyone have problems with Benelli super store or it is just me ?
Mister Gertjan does not answer on emails,I send him a few emails in last year and no answer.
It is not posibile to chose alternative shipping on the store , just DHL .
Example,you buy power control button base,pay 6e,and cost for delivery are from 40e to 60e.
When store calculate VAT,it is not just that calculate VAT for the parts,it calculate VAT on the shipping to.
Does any one see this or have some problems with super store,does any one use it ?
Buddy i have faced same problem two times. After that my trust on them is completely gone. They are also over charging for shipping as you said just DHL and there VAT policy. Recently i purchase a mid range benelli from a shop outside my town. And i chose Citizenshipper Bike shipping for it. Luckily no VAT policy there. And guest what it cost around $20 lesser than Benelli super store.
But i am getting prob in finding a shop for Benelli parts in reasonable pricing. Although i not go for Benelli super store now.