Benelli 750 Sei - Knocks from the engine head
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Thread: Benelli 750 Sei - Knocks from the engine head

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    Question Benelli 750 Sei - Knocks from the engine head

    Hello all. I bought a Benelli 750 Sei which has not been used for a long time. I was able to start the engine, but while the engine is running, I hear unpleasant and strong knocks from the area of the engine head.

    I wonder if anyone has had this problem before. What could be the reason ?

    I will be grateful for your suggestions and advice

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    If it is from the head a stuck valve?

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    Simple things first. Check the valve clearances. I once had an adjuster nut come loose and the rocker adjuster screw back off on my 900 Sei, and it made hell of a racket.

    It happened very quickly and made such a loud rattle that I thought something catastrophic had happened (like a broken valve). I pulled the inspection plugs out of the rocker cover and found one of the rocker screws had baked right off. Both the screw and its nut were still hanging on by a couple of threads so I didn't have to take the rocker cover off to go looking for them. I was relieved that it was a simple fix - always a good thing when you're grovelling on your knees at the side of the road. I just had to re-set the clearance and tighten the nut. I didn't have feeler gauges with me at the time so I had to guess the clearance. Engine fired up and sounded normal again. Re-checked the clearance when I got home.


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