Thanks to all who sent me advice , I have given up on trying to obtain the correct 2004 Loom,

Maniac-Moto, dont have it and neither can Benelli GB or the factory supply it .......I went to 3 breakers who claimed to have the correct loom but on examination they were all later looms which i already have .

So having taken advice from Alex at Maniac i will modify the 2006 looms to fit , its not going to be easy , 6 connectors have to be replaced and some splices and wiring corrections .

So I will get my mate in Thailand to deliver his bike to my house where I can bring it into an air conditioned room and settle down to connect up the loom and then modify as required ,i have already started to source some spare plugs and connectors to aid my work .

I wont be returning to thailand for a while yet but i am looking forward to tackling this proplem .

cheers jerry