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Thread: Unsupported ecu type TREK 1130

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    ECUA4 support

    A reply on the TuneECU FB page said the ECUA4 in the lastest TreK is supported now. The updates for the May 23, 2020 version include "Bug fixed (Benelli Walbro ECU)". The owner of the new bike in the Aussie Benelli riders FB group is sorting-out some Android tablet hassles to give TuneECU a go. He needs to reset his TPS after a flat battery attempted start lost the setting. He lives 1000km away so I can't do it for him. The suspense is killing me!

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    Walbro ECU 2014 Amazonas 1130

    Hey all,
    I've had similar issues trying to connect Tune ECU to my 2014 Oz delivered Amazonas 1130. I just get the "unsupported ECU" msg but to make things worse while doing it Tune ECU has managed to delete my fuel map. So now my bike wont start at all. I'm assuming the battery voltage might have gone below a certain level when reading it etc. Anyway, I'm now using Maya software which connects to the ECU perfectly but I no longer have my fuel map. Connects and can get the ECU codes etc and reads the map but obviously come up as nothing as no map. If anyone has used the Maya software and saved their fuel map (in the maya format) it would be greatly appreciated if you could share it. without a fuel map in the Maya format im kinda stuck. for reference my ECu code is A4BEQJ10 and the map im after is called TREK 631. But any map off a 2014 onwards Amazonas 1130 should be fine. Was hoping someone on here might have already potentially used this software and have a map saved already. If not I could send thru the software as its just a matter of reading the map then saving it. Cheers

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