New UK Owner TNT125 looking to modify!
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Thread: New UK Owner TNT125 looking to modify!

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    New UK Owner TNT125 looking to modify!

    Hi guys,
    I'm in the UK (Staffordshire) and I'm picking up a VERY low mileage 19 plate TNT125 at the weekend as a fun/commuter bike to ride on those dirty and wet days when my "real" bike is tucked up in the garage.
    My daily commute is 25 miles each way mainly on A and B roads so not too worried about massive speed increase especially if it impacts too much on acceleration!
    I'm looking to modify things - not too radically but stuff like de-restriction, upping the gearing etc. Is there a "best" supplier in the UK? I anticipate buying a lot of generic stuff off Ebay and Ali Express.
    I already have NGK iridium plugs and a pair of Bridgestone Battlax tyres on order.
    I've seen a video (in spanish) where a guy appears to be taking out some sort of restrictor in the centre of the exhaust and replacing it with a very short piece of straight through pipe- any info on what this does? I suspect it just changes the exhaust note?
    Anyhow ANY info you can supply on the things above would be great!



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    Welcome dave hopefully you can find what you want? the smaller bikes look like fun. Keep us informed on how it goes.


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