Dynamo Roller So many Questions.
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Thread: Dynamo Roller So many Questions.

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    Dynamo Roller So many Questions.

    So I bought a Dynamo rolling chassis for $75 and though.... sweet deal. I obviously know nothing about these and quickly learned parts are hard to come by and pricey. I have a million question but I will try to stick to just a few right now. My goal is a long term restoration but short term... get it moving. Step one get an engine. I found one and got it yesterday. Of course it is missing lots of parts so I have a long ways to go. My first questions are ....

    1. Is there a way to identify the year of the engine and is there a way to know if it is the 50 or 65cc?

    2. I have not checked compression with a gauge yet but did turn the motor and it sounds wonderful. Should I put a few drops of oil in the head through the spark plug hole? SAE 30?

    3. Parts. I have an exhaust I bought coming next week. I assume to get it running I need a kick start lever, intake, carb and coil at a minimum. Can I use knock off compatible parts to get it going until I source (afford) originals. Particularly the carb. There are chinese carbs on ebay that say they will fit.

    4. To test spark I need a coil right? Same thing as above ... is there a knock off I can use. Someone told me I need to do something with the wires coming out of the engine (black, green and red) to get spark?

    The motor came with a shift lever but the post was broken. I drilled it out and welded a short piece of rod in. I think I am missing a string that goes on that post. I bought one from the local hardware store and things..."sort of work". 1. Can someone give me an idea of what that post spring looks like and does my assembly order look correct?

    I will try to attach pics.

    Thanks much in advance.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Dynamo Roller So many Questions.-20201213_165225_1608469656441.jpg   Dynamo Roller So many Questions.-20201219_091122_1608469679998.jpg   Dynamo Roller So many Questions.-20201219_091135_1608469696850.jpg   Dynamo Roller So many Questions.-20201220_071936_1608469737102.jpg   Dynamo Roller So many Questions.-20201220_072149_1608469748472.jpg  

    Dynamo Roller So many Questions.-20201220_072254_1608469772886.jpg  


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